giovedì 30 agosto 2007

Urgent Appeal on behalf of Noel Maguire

A cairde

We are urging everyone, friends, members and concerned individuals to assist in our efforts to continue the pressure on the 26 County Government to Repatriate Noel Maguire from England to jails in the 26 counties as is his right.

The names and addresses and sample letter is below so you can use the sample letter provided, reword it or write your own.

Write or e-mail:

Brian Lenihan

Minister for Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform

Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform
94 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2
Phone: + 353 1 602-8202

Email :

Ambasciata Irlandese
Piazza Campitelli 3, 00186 Roma
Tel 06 6979121
Fax 06 6792354

- Consolato Generale d'Irlanda San Pietro in Gessate 2, Milano
Tel 02 55187569
Fax 02 55187570

Sample letter

Dear Sir

I write to you on behalf of the Noel Maguire as it concerns his repatriation back to Ireland from a British jail and your refusal to accept Noels application thus seemingly stripping him of his Irish Citizenship and the civil rights that are associated with it.

It is unconscionable that the Irish government continues to refuse to repatriate Noel. It is claimed that he has no close relatives living in the 26 counties, this is untrue as Noel's wife and their two children in fact live within an hour’s drive of Portlaoise Prison in Co Laois and are willing to visit him should he be repatriated. He also has two sisters and a brother in Ireland.

Noel Maguire - who is from Co Fermanagh but hold a valid 26 County passport more than qualifies for repatriation on the grounds of the European Directive as an Irish National.

His mental and physical health must be close to breaking point with the way he is being unfairly treated these continued delays which are tantamount to psychological torture.

On humanitarian grounds I ask that the decision to refuse repatriation be reconsidered and he can return home to serve his sentence and be closer to his family.

Please act now!

Thank you.

Is mise Le meas

and everyone should also sign the online petition for this matter


A protest will be organised in Rome shortly and anyone interested can contact me here or by email

Noel Maguire refused repatriation again.

Noel Maguire refused repatriation again.

Irish political prisoner Noel Maguire in HMP Full Sutton England, has had his application for repatriation refused again on the dubious grounds "he has closer ties to the United Kingdom than an Irish jurisdiction."

Noel has two young sons living in the 26 Counties, and a former wife who is willing to visit him should he be repatriated - and has put that in writing. Noel also hold an up-to-date Irish passport issued by the Department of Internal affairs in Dublin in 2001. He has no relatives in England.

For the Department of Justice to now claim Noel has closer ties to the United Kingdom than to an Irish jurisdiction is flying in the face of reality and legality. It is certainly discrimination and victimisation.

Noels papers have been sent to the Irish in Britain Representation Group (IBRG)and other civil rights groups in Britain and Ireland for interpretaion.
The case is on-going.

The findings of the Minister of Justice is currently being challenged by Noel.

Boycott Crossmaglen policing meeting

Boycott Crossmaglen policing meeting

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement call on the people of South Armagh to boycott the upcoming DPP meeting which is to be held in Crossmaglen on september 4th.

The DPP is nothing more than a public relations stunt aimed at fooling people into believing that the RUC/PSNI can be held accountable and in the process getting them to accept British policing in Ireland. The fact is that the only people the RUC are accountable to is the British government.

The RUC/PSNI is an illegal police force tasked with upholding Britain's illegal sovereign claim over a part of Ireland and denying the Irish people their democratic right to freedom and independence. While the issue of national sovereignty remains unsettled British policing will remain political policing and no republican should support such a force.

It is also a slap on the face that this meeting is to be held in Crossmaglen a town where once no member of the crown forces could be safe. It is exactly because of Crossmaglen's republican reputation that this meeting is being held there, the rational being that if it goes ahead without incident then it should be no problem holding these meetings in other parts of South Armagh in the future.

Throughout the conflict the people of South Armagh have suffered injustice and oppression at the hands of the Crown forces. They have been tortured, imprisoned and lost family and friends yet have remained unbroken. We call on them to retain their spirit of resistance and to not allow themselves to be bought off or co opted into accepting the occupation as the constitutional nationalist parties have been.

Kevin Murphy
32 County Sovereignty Movement
South Armagh