giovedì 25 settembre 2008

IRPWA Statement

Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association

Óglaigh na hÉireann Prisoners not involved in Portlaoise Row.

The IRPWA wish to state clearly that no Óglaigh na hÉireann prisoners (nor any interned on remand on membership charges) were involved in the recent row between INLA prisoners and prisoners associated with the Provisional Movement.
It is our understanding that prisoners associated with the INLA confronted prisoners associated with the Provisional movement over issues such as the Provisionals blocking INLA prisoners from coming on to a republican wing, throwing INLA prisoners of that wing for talking to other prisoners and trying to prevent the INLA prisoners from using certain visiting boxes, stating they were ‘IRA’ boxes.
Words were exchanged and by all accounts this led to blows being exchanged, we also believe that a small number of ex- Óglaigh na hÉireann prisoners sided with the Provisionals in this row.
Despite misinformation being peddled by a certain notorious Free State tabloid, it is clear that no Óglaigh na hÉireann prisoners were involved in this incident The E3 prisoners have worked hard to create a more tolerable environment for all POW’s incarcerated in Portlaoise and will continue to do so.

giovedì 18 settembre 2008

Republicans Must Stand With POW’s Families.

Republicans Must Stand With POW’s Families.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are urging ALL republicans to support the families of Republican POW’s and to stand with them in the face of an ongoing campaign of harassment and criminalisation by the Free State Gardai and Special Branch.

On Monday evening, the 15th September Orla and Ronan Connolly, the Brother and Sister of Republican POW Sean Connolly, were travelling in Dublin to a cash machine when they were pulled over by a Garda Squad car, when Ronan questioned the Garda as to why he was being pulled over they became aggressive and stated that they were going to charge him with being drunk and disorderly (not drunk driving). His sister Orla then told the Garda that she was going to phone a solicitor at which point she was struck across the chest with a baton and told she was going nowhere. At this point the Special Branch then arrived.

Orla and Ronan were then arrested for assault and being drunk and disorderly respectively and taken to a nearby police station. Both were then assaulted further with Orla receiving severe bruising to her upper body despite the fact that she has just given birth, a fact that those who assaulted her were well aware of.

Orla was taunted about an assault by the RUC/PSNI on her partner POW Gary Donnelly in which his arm was broken in 3 places and told the same was going to happen to her.

Ronan was released at 5am yesterday morning and despite being the victim of a serious assault, Orla was herself charged with assault and remained in custody until bail of 600 euro was posted.

It is clear to the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that this attack was pre planned in an effort to exert pressure on the Republican POW’s by victimising their families.

The policy of victimisation has taken many forms in recent months from refusing POW’s temporary release and compassionate parole for major family events such as births, deaths, communions and confirmations to the strip searching of newborn children in Portlaoise gaol.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are urging all republicans to join together in condemning these barbaric practices and to initiate a campaign to highlight the fact that the Free State administration, like everyone since the creation of the state, are still torturing Republicans and their families in order to defend the two illegal political entities in our nation.

mercoledì 17 settembre 2008

Gardai Harrassment

Its with total disgust that Republicans find ourselves having to highlight another case of harrassment carried out by the Free State Special Branch.

On Monday night the partner of Gary Donnelly (Orla) who has just given birth in the last few weeks was followed and then visiously assaulted by the Garda and Special Branch, this sustained attack has left Orla with severe bruising to her neck and arms.
During this vicious assault a female Garda officer whilst raining down blows on Orla was constantly referring to her partner Gary, she kept threating to break Orla's arm just like the RUC/PSNI had done to Gary. This unprovoked attack must have been well planed in advance.
Yet to make an already bad situation worse the Garda went into their well rehearsed cover up mode by arresting and charging Orla with assault.
As the people of Dublin and Ireland know the framing of a suspect in this way is a daily occurence, it is the most crudest and disgusting abuse of the law and the puppet judges know this but to their shame do nothing.
Orla was then remanded in custody until the bail of 600 Euro was found.
The only reason Orla found herself in this position was everytime Gary went for bail to see his new born child, the bail conditions where so strict (a huge cash amount to be left with the court, not allowed into Donegal where visiting by Orla would be alot easier, having to report to Garda twice a day, therefore limiting his travel arrangements, not allowed to asscoiate with Republicans and more. If you are in any doubt check the court records.)
This is why we believe this was nothing more than an ambush, they knew in advance that Orla and Gary's new born child where travelling to Dublin on a visit.
This harrasment of visitors and Prisoners is unacceptable and must not be tolerated, this case and the case of an other prisoner who was refused compassionate parole when the mother of his two children died suddenly leaving them in total distress. Who would deny the Father a right to be with his son's in such times?
This is what Republican prisoners and the families are now facing, we must stand with them and show the Irish Government and their masters Britain that as before they will not be allowed to treat our families and prisoners like this.