venerdì 7 settembre 2007

The 32CSM condemn the recent actions of Garda Special Branch in Donegal

The 32CSM condemn the recent actions of Garda Special Branch in Donegal.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are deeply alarmed at the behaviour of the Gardai Special Branch in Co Donegal following the outing of a prominent Drug Dealer in the area. A number of weeks back, members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and anti drugs activists exposed a large Cocaine smuggling operation in the Ballyshannon/Bundoran area and publicly named and shamed the main ringleader involved. A anti drugs activist was then hospitalised by thugs hired by this Drugs Smuggler. It has transpired that since this incident this dealer has been issuing threats to republicans in the area. This week Gardai special branch approached a number of anti drugs activists and told them their lives were under threat from drug dealers. The same members of the special branch later arrived at the same homes and raided them under anti terror legislation. The Branch then called to these people on a third occasion and informed the anti drugs activists that those they had named and shamed were going to sue them. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement view these developments with alarm as it would appear that the special branch are running errands for these drug dealers and are turning a blind eye to their anti community activities while harassing republicans and anti drugs activists. Republicans in Donegal have cause to fear the special branch in the are given the long history of corruption and fraternising with criminal elements that this force have in the county. We would urge all republicans and progressives in the county and across the North West to stand behind these activists and help rid the area of the cancer of drug dealers and criminal thugs.