venerdì 16 maggio 2008

South Down 32CSM urges Rathfriland Nationalists to be Vigilant



South Down 32CSM urges Rathfriland nationalists to be vigilant.

Following reports in the Banbridge Leader on 13th May regarding a group calling itself the British Defence Organisation, the 32CSM urge nationalists in Rathfriland and surrounding areas to be vigilant in the coming days and weeks. This alleged group has stated it is armed and willing to tackle anti social behaviour in the town. While it is unlikely that such a group even exists there is the possibility that loyalist elements in the area may use the name to attack nationalists under the guise of tackling anti social behaviour. Rathfriland has become a much more mixed community in recent years and there are elements in the area who resent sharing this town with nationalist residents.
Anyone who comes under threat or has any information regarding this alleged grouping should contact the 32CSM in the area. There is little to be gained from going to the RUC/PSNI on this issue as nationalists in Rathfriland are only too well aware of the links between the state and local loyalists in a number of attacks in the area over the years.

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