lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Dirty Tricks Campaign in Derry City

Press Release

Anti-republican elements seek to discredit Sovereignty Movement

It has come to the attention of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Derry city that a number of leaflets have been circulated in the area warning individuals, that the leaflet claims are drug dealers, that the 32CSM will take action against them. These leaflets are purporting to come from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement which is clearly not the case. Members of the 32CSM in the city believe that there is a dirty tricks element to this episode. The leaflet in question not only gets the name of the movement wrong but is littered with quite deliberate spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors, this is clearly pre-empting a denial by ourselves, the sinister elements involved in distributing these leaflets can then claim that it is the work of an idiot with a grudge.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement believe that this dirty tricks campaign is directly aimed at an initiative put forward by our activists in Derry to name and shame drug dealers and to pickets homes of known drug dealers and anti social elements if necessary. The leaflet finishes with a bizarre claim that should the recipient of this leaflet fail to mend their ways, then this case will be passed on to the 32CSM’s ‘Army Council’ in the city.

The 32CSM are convinced this is a deliberate attempt to undermine the republican separatist movement and to scupper any community initiatives we have planned. We are confident that the republican community will see through this pathetic attempt by elements loyal to Stormont to bring our movement into disrepute and we would urge anyone who receives leaflets or literature that they are not sure about to contact the 32 County Sovereignty Movement immediately.

Statement ends.

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