domenica 13 luglio 2008

At a well attended Protest over 2000 leaflets highlighting the internment of four Derry republican were handed out to the public. The protest attracted interest from passing tourist and the media was present. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement is calling for the release of four Derry republicans and other republican activists from across the 32 counties who remain interned by remand in Portlaoise Prison in the Free State. The men were arrested at a border filling station in March and have been held on remand ever since on IRA membership charges. Since then the Gardai has failed to produce any evidence, asking the court of three occasions for more time to produce the evidence. Surly in a free fair democratic state the evidence is produced to the PPS shortly after the person is charged. Gardai have charged, and interned these men and then sought to obtain the evidence, scraping the barrel for anything they can get their hands on in an obvious attempt to disrupt republicanism in Derry City. The Free State having been pressurized by the British are holding these men because of their republican position and their resistance to British Parliamentary activity in Ireland and the Mi5 controlled RUC/PSNI. The four men have been offered bail but at as a surety they have been asked to produce 90,000 Euro cash for the four of them. There have been cases in the past were republicans have lost their bail due to Gardai harassment and these working class men do not have 90,000 euro to put to risk. The Free State establishment now obtains the most draconian laws in Western Europe where men like Gary Donnelly, Mickey Gallagher, Paddy Mc Daid and Marty O’ Neill have been held for five months without any evidence being forwarded to the PPS. In the past few months establishment politicians in the North have indicated their support for these practices. Moreover, former republicans have openly called for such practices to be brought into the occupied six counties to quell the recent upsurge of republican activity.This is a human rights issue and we would ask for your support for these four men and their families and the countless other men from across the island who are being interned by remand in the 26 county state.

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