venerdì 1 agosto 2008

RUC PSNI Harassment


RUC/PSNI Harassment of Political Activists Continues

On Thursday the 31st of July two member of the Derry 32CSM were travelling to a local Cumann meeting when the car that they where travelling in was halted by heavily armed RUC/PSNI officers who pointed machine guns at their heads and ordered them to stand in the road with their hands in the air, in full view of the passing public.
The RUC then seized two cars and raided the homes of several members of the 32CSM who rely the cars to travel to work in what appeared to be a massive operation involving officers from outside the city. One of the members whose car had been seized immediately phoned his partner to alert her that the house was getting raided. His partner had been lured to Strand Rd RUC station under the false pretence that she was to voluntarily attend an identity parade concerning the murder of her friend Jean Quigley, whilst she was in an interview room a friend who accompanied her to the barracks was contacted in relation to the raid. The RUC refused to allow the friend to alert the Cumann member’s partner and held her against her will in the interview room.
As harassment continues the RUC have stepped to a new low, this chain of events was obviously a pre-planed operation and the use of the murder to lure people out of a house so that it could be searched unhindered is very concerning and exposes the true nature of the RUC/PSNI and where their priorities lie.
The 32CSM would like to thank the people Cornshell Fields who came out onto the streets in protest at the raid; this is the very same street in which Jean Quigley was murdered last week. We would call on our activists and supporters to stand firm against this latest wave of intimidation.

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