venerdì 22 agosto 2008

Sinister Twist in ongoing harassment of 32CSM Member

32 County Sovereignty Movement
Sinister Twist in ongoing harassment of 32CSM Member

A sustained campaign of harassment against a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has taken a sinister and serious twist in Derry with agents of the British administration in Ireland deliberately putting his life in Danger.
On Wednesday 14th August members of the RUC/PSNI waited outside his home until his partner left for work then kicked his door through and arrested him for a series of unpaid parking fines which the man was contesting. The man was minding his child at the time and no one else was available to do so, something the RUC/PSNI were obviously aware of when they waited until his partner left.
A neighbour then intervened and took the distressed child from the house.
The previous Monday 12the August, heavily armed RUC/PSNI members forced the door of his house when this mans eldest daughter was home alone and in the bath, they then proceeded to force open the bathroom door, to the obvious distress and embarrassment of this young girl.
Once arrested a member of the British security services, disguised as a RUC/PSNI man made an attempt to recruit the 32CSM member as an informer and placed £30,000 on the mans lap, telling him that was all they had in the safe at that time, they also told him that they would set him up in a bogus business as a cover for any payments they would make to him.
The 32CSM member refused to accept their offer at which stage the carrot turned into the stick and they MI5/Special Branch member became abusive and threatened to raid his parents home on a regular basis to cause distress and fear, the British security operative also threatened the mans partner and children and stated that they would do all they could to break up his family.
In another sinister twist the Branch man threatened to set him up with the gardai and mentioned the draconian legislation under which 4 Derry men are currently being held without evidence in Portlaoise.
The 32CSM member was then taken to Maghaberry prison and , because of his non cooperation with the British forces he was transferred the next day from a relatively safe area of the prison to the notorious Erin house which houses Loyalist criminals and drug dealers. The 32CSM member was palced on the same wing as the Shoukri brothers and other well known Loyalists and his cell door was left unlocked.
Our member became aware of a number of Loyalist prisoners walking by his door repeatedly and making a point of staring in at him. This caused our member to fear that these Loyalists had been informed that he was a Republican and he feared for his life.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement deplore this campaign of harassment against this man, who is after all a member of a legal political movement, and we demand to know why the Prison Service is acting to punish this man for refusing to cooperate with the British police in Ireland.
Further to this we are seeking an immediate meeting with the Prison governor and are demanding that this man be transferred to a safe area of the prison for the duration of his term.
Our members will not be deflected from challenging Britain’s illegal claim to sovereignty in Ireland by threats or bribes nor will we cease to oppose the organs of the British state acting in such a concerted and political manner.

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